I like to take photos of things I think are really stupid, probably I should just pick a day of the week for these.

I like to take photos of things I think I really stupid, probably I should just pick a day of the week for there.

So you take the egg out of it’s shell and then put it in a plastic shell. And then you boil it. Right up there with phone sanitizer professionals.


And here we are

I know ,it seemed like it was just a dead thing.  However I’ve decided I need to make a habit of writing everyday, even if it is just nonsense that nobody but myself would give a hoot about.  So, here we go, you can expect a giant unfocused mess going forward.

I know, I should take a f*****g pill.

Now I’m going to prattle about clothing.

I’ve been trying to get a genealogy business going and one thing that is clear is that I need new clothes for networking events.  I attend some local meetings and then some week+ long classes in meetings and I wish to:

1.  Make an impression as a knowledgable person

2.  Be remembered in a positive way

One thing about genealogy is that it attracts a lot of much older people, and it is my observation that these people tend to be pretty dressy.  This is not the IT support meetings of my past that mainly featured Star Wars tee shirts and jeans.

Of course, I’ve not paid the slightest attention to my wardrobe in years, since I stopped working to be exact, in 2007.  Six years ago.  One of the many positive things that has happened since then is that I’ve dropped about 20 pounds so many of the clothes I have from that time don’t even fit any more.  Therefore my goals are:

1.  Go through the clothes I have and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that I just don’t like.

2.  Get in some new clothes that fit and that I like

3.  Combine all this to create a memorable look

4.  Make sure that look is fairly travel friendly and can be maintained.

So, while my back has been out this last week I’ve be concentrating on that, and I’ll post reviews of the clothes I’ve ordered when they arrive.

I’m also going to try to find a messenger bag for my computer etc that I can carry at these things (and around town) that is distinctive.  I’ve had some trouble finding one that can be customized between extremely crappy and unreasonably expensive.  I’ll show that off when I find one.

Rambling first post to get things going

For about the last two years I’ve been writing little notes to myself and making amusing pictures and then storing them in a folder on my desktop called “Blogishness”.  Because practically everyone has access to my desktop.

Like everyone else with a blog this is the post where I say what I’m going to do or I say that I’ve no idea what I’m going to do.  This will only ever be read by the obsessed anyway.

For the record I did have a blog for about five years that consisted primarily of me bitching.   Then I went through a bad spell when my animals were dying and all of my blog posts were horribly depressing.  I considered changing the title to “My Pet Died Today”, but that didn’t really roll off the tongue.   So, I scrapped the blog.

And now here we are just waiting for the amazing to happen.